Company ZAPOROZHPAK has been manufacturing and distributing Twist-off caps since 2007.

ZAPOROZHPAK employs specialists who have been trained abroad and have gained a lot of experience in the manufacture of caps corresponding to customers' the highest requirements. ZAPOROZHPAK only uses materials from leading European manufacturers. The Company products have deserved a high reputation on the Ukrainian market because of their quality which is comparable with that of European counterparts. ZAPOROZHPAK manufactures high-quality Twist-off caps for type III glass jars of various diameters such as RTS and RSB. ZAPOROZHPAK has been delivering their caps to enterprises in Ukraine and neighboring countries for many years. Consumers know our products as reliable of high quality and best price.

ZAPOROZHPAK was able to achieve good results because of some of the following:

  • Powerful and strategic partnership with the largest Ukrainian and European companies;
  • The strong team of specialists;
  • High quality products;
  • Extensive experience in the production of Twist-off caps;
  • The successful experience in of cooperation with such large enterprises as: Lutsk foods, Veres, Chumak.

Our mission is to be the leader in manufacturing of high quality products in Ukraine. Company ZAPOROZHPAK identifies the following "principles to win" that guide us to our goals: Meet the needs of our customers and take accountability.

We take responsibility before:

  • Our Clients for the high-quality products;
  • Our Partners for the full compliance with commitments.

We study the needs and preferences of our clients and base our strategy on this knowledge. The company is committed to excellence. Thus, we find new ways to do our work better so that customers are satisfied. The company has all necessary resources for the production of high-quality products that meet the highest demands.