"In 2012 ZAPOROZHPAK was selected from a number of suppliers for Chumak caps as one of the best company with high-quality, delivery times and payment terms. Our right choice confirmed five years of experience.

We know that ordering caps, always be able to get them in time. We can always rely on the flexibility in insurance stocks in the warehouse. We invite the Company to cooperate in 2017.

We are convinced that we can safely build our production plans and be confident in the quality of caps as one of the main decorations of our packaging. Caps on the jar as a tip on the tree they are always complete her beautiful dress."

Valery Bubelov, a leading expert in logistics and software AO Chumak.

"Veres expresses its gratitude to ZAPOROZHPAK for mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation for several years. Would like to mention the high quality of products supplied ZAPOROZHPAK, passed all necessary tests and certification, availability of competent information about the product, stability of supply, a wide range of products.

On market Twist-off caps from ZAPOROZHPAK established itself as the high-quality product with competitive prices. Company ZAPOROZHPAK has highly qualified professionals, a good material and technical base, high level of logistics. ZAPOROZHPAK 's products quality have never caused negative feedback from our production.

The highly qualified staff of the company is always ready to give a full and detailed advice on any issues arising from the Customer. All orders for the supply of Twist-off caps perform with stable quality and timing, which allows us to minimize the warehouse rests.

We confidently recommend to all producers of canned products appeal to ZAPOROZHPAK. We believe in the preservation of the existing business and friendly relations, and look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation. We wish you and your staff well-being company, prosperity and achieve new heights in business."

Filippov Maxim, Purchasing Manager in Company Veres

"ZAPOROZHPAK has been providing of high-quality Twist-off caps to our company for many years. The staff makes every effort to deliveries were timely and on mutually beneficial terms.

It should be mentioned that our requests were never ignored. Even the most demanding. The company managers are competent, highly skilled professionals, who can always provide the necessary information about the products. The company analyzes market needs and responds by providing consumers Twist-off caps of different diameters.

We hope that ZAPOROZHPAK will expand caps range in their production in the near future. We sincerely thank the company for a partnership and friendly relations that have developed between our two companies. We believe that our cooperation will promote the development and welfare in the future.

Lydia Shevchuk, Deputy Head of the Deliveries and Logistics Department of Lutsk Foods