ZAPOROZHPAK offers custom-made Twist-off caps for commercial production. Twist-off is metal screw caps. They are designed for type III glass jars, as well as for sterilized and pasteurized products. The outer part of caps may contain information about the manufacturer, themed picture or any image on request. An image painted on printing equipment (lithography) and then secured with a protective varnish. Today Twist-off technology is one of the most promising in the field of vacuum food packaging. Low-quality caps may cause to aerobic bacteria in products. It is important to choose a vacuum packaging manufactured in accordance with all safety requirements. The shelf life of products extended by high-quality caps. Moreover, they will retain vitamins and other nutrients which contained in foods subject to long-term storage.

The following materials are used in the manufacture of Twist-off caps:

  • Tin produced by ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein GmbH;
  • Pasta made by PVC. It serves as a seal between tin caps and foods. Produced by P.E.C. Project Engineering+Consulting AG;/li>
  • Bonding varnish designed for internal coating caps;
  • Enamel or varnish for application to the outer surface of caps. Produced by PPG;
  • Protective lacquer. Produced by PPG;
  • Dyes used in the printing process on the external side of the cover. Produced by PPG.

Metal screw Twist-off caps are successfully used in the food industry. It is possible choose caps for pasteurization (to + 100 ° C) or sterilization of products at high temperatures (100 ° C + to 121 ° C). The Company has modern equipment from world leading manufacturers for providing to customers of the highest quality products with the lowest cost and in the shortest time. Raw materials are used of the highest quality, which ensuring long-term use of the product, even when it contains a large number of acids and brines.