ZAPOROZHPAK is one of the largest manufacturers of Twist-off caps in Ukraine. ZAPOROZHPAK was able to achieve this level thanks to a clear position and principle-based approach to our work.

Our principles:

  • Strive for perfect quality of our products;
  • Focus on the customer and do everything possible to ensure that it is easy and profitable to work with ZAPOROZHPAK;
  • Find an individual solution for every client;
  • Make a regular, systematic and planned work effort to develop the Company;
  • Support a coordinated communications system not inly internal between departments, but also with companies and organizations at the regional and international level;
  • Create a motivated and competent team.

Thanks to these principles, we have achieved good results. Company ZAPOROZHPAK is proud of the quality of products, which has already been appreciated by partners.

ZAPOROZHPAK values its name and reputation, so we:

  • Always fulfill our obligations, including a verbal agreement;
  • Always complete the deal and achieve a positive result;
  • Always prioritize the quality of production;
  • Always establish trusting partnership with customers.